The Legal committee is the 6th committee of the United Nations. It has a remit of dealing with issues of international law. Frequently taking issues to the General Assembly, all member states are entitled to representation on this committee.

The aim of the Legal committee is to ensure that all nations follow international law, but also to recommend that all nations adopt similar legislation around key issues to aid cooperation in an interconnected world. This gives the Legal committee a wide remit and it promises to be a committee debating a scintillating range of topics promoting international cooperation and collaboration on global issues.

Topic 1 – The Question of Protecting Uyghur Muslims in China

Topic 2 – The Question of Re-Writing International Humanitarian Law (the Rules of War)

Topic 3 – The Question of the Reformation of the International Courts

You can download a briefing pack on Topic 1 here, Topic 2 here and Topic 3 here.