As a response to the aftermath of the Second World War, the United Nations formed the Disarmament and International Security committee (DISEC). Some consider DISEC to be the core of the United Nations, and their claims are not unsubstantiated. The first committee of the United Nations, DISEC considers and discusses a broad range of issues, including disarmament, cyber warfare and terrorism. DISEC’s main aim is therefore to sustain and enforce peace across borders, and the focus of the committee is primarily towards decreasing the world’s supply of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, disarmament in areas of conflict, preventing an arms race in outer space, and so on.

Countries in the DISEC committee will have the opportunity to contribute to fruitful and exhilarating debate, with each protecting and depicting their country’s beliefs, principles, and ethics,  and ensuring they are heard in perhaps the most important and impactful United Nations committee.

Topic 1 – The Question of De-Arming the Taiwan Strait

Topic 2 – The Question of Preventing Diseases From Being Used as Bio-Weapons

Topic 3 – The Question of Whether Afghanistan Should Be Allowed to Trade Weapons

You can download a briefing pack on Topic 1 here, Topic 2 here and Topic 3 here.