SPECPOL, or the Special Political and Decolonisation Committee, is the fourth committee of the United Nations and has quite a wide remit, dealing with refugees, decolonisation, human rights, peacekeeping, and public information, alongside many other issues.

The chief aims of SPECPOL are, firstly, to make all nations independent and self-sufficient outside the control of other nations. Secondly, to heal countries from historical wounds. Yet SPECPOL also deals with other issues including the colonisation and treatment of outer space. This makes SPECPOL a very dynamic and exciting committee with countries of many different backgrounds and histories collaborating to solve issues from post-colonialism to the management of space colonies.

Topic 1 – The Question of Partisan Electoral Interference by Great Powers (Russia, US, China)

Topic 2 – The Question of Nuclear Research on Celestial Bodies*

Topic 3 – The Question of the De-Colonisation of Western Sahara

*Premise: Russia and China have set up facilities to conduct scientific testing with nuclear materials – they claim it falls under ‘scientific research’ as permitted in the Outer Space Treaty

You can download a briefing pack on Topic 1 here, Topic 2 here and Topic 3 here.