SPSMUN20 was our third conference, taking place from 17th-19th January 2020, with 29 countries, 6 committees and 16 topics, as well as an emergency debate on the US-Iran Crisis.

List of committees and topics

Security Council

  • The Question of the Impact of Russia’s expansionism: with militarisation increasing across the EU in response to Russia’s expansionism, how should the UN react?
  • The Question of Security Council Reform: should the Security Council be reformed, and how?
  • The Question of Argentina’s Debt Default: what should the UN do?


  • The Question of Human Rights Abuses in Kashmir: how can UN diplomacy prevent such abuses?
  • The Question of Cultural Genocide in the Amazon

SPECPOL – a historical committee, set in 2001, after the 9/11 attacks

  • The Question of Islamic Extremism and Terrorism: how should the UN react, following the September 11 attacks?
  • The Question of the Rights of Suspected Terrorists: how should the UN ensure that the rights of those suspected of terrorism are maintained?
  • The Question of Afghanistan: in the light of the US invasion of Afghanistan, how should the UN support the country’s reconstruction?


  • The Question of Nuclear Weapons: in light of the forthcoming 2020 review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, should the UN step up its pursuit of nuclear non-proliferation?
  • The Question of India and Pakistan: how can current tensions between the two nations be resolved?
  • The Question of the South China Sea: how should the UN deal with the issue of freedom of maritime navigation?


  • The Question of Monitoring, Regulating and Protecting International Financial Transfer Systems: how should the UN respond?
  • The Question of the Regulation of Bilateral Aid and Trade Agreements


  • The Question of Hong Kong: given the recent protests and the authorities’ response, what should the future legal status of Hong Kong be?
  • The Question of Legalising Drugs: given the variety of approaches to drug legalisation across the world, which drugs should be legalised, and how?
  • The Question of Palestine: how should the UN deal with competing sovereignty claims by nations